Master Pack: 100 Presets and LUTs - Jaycolor

Master Pack: 100 Presets and LUTs - Jaycolor 2022-09-09

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Designed by Jay Alvarrez, these LUTs & presets have been engineered to meet and exceed the demands of the professional filmmaking industry. This is a truly end-to-end color grading product built for professionals, and compatible with all cameras.
The color tables included have helped Jay bring his work to life for clients such as Coca Cola, Hyundai, Omega, Samsung, Discovery Channel, Hugo Boss, Malibu Rum, and more. These LUTs have played a big role in Jay's creative career. Jay has carefully engineered these LUTs over the last 5 years, allowing his work to stand out and making him an icon and leader in the creative video and photography space.
Also, you can take it to mobile! All of our presets work with the Adobe Lightroom mobile app as well!

Want to see how these LUTs & presets look?
View Jay's Videos here to see his color in action on many different projects.

What's included?
  • 50 professionally designed LUTs (CUBE files)
  • 50 professionally designed presets for desktop and mobile (XMP files)
We Are Perfectionists and the tones you will discover have been refined and perfected over the last 5 years, bringing powerful and compelling colors to your project.
These color tables are NOT just limited to action cameras either! They have been engineered to work flawlessly with all camera types: Panasonic, DJI drones, Blackmagic, GoPro, RED Digital, Sony, Canon, Nikon, and more. The LUTs have been tested and proven at the highest level. They simply work.
They work across all platforms that can digest LUTS & Presets!
Remember that LUTS & presets will change a bit depending your footage. From lighting to the time of day to the angles and natural tones and contrast...
We hope these help inspire you in your creative process and ideas!
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