Connecting a Copy-star 6501i to an E-8100 Fiery RIP

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New member
Sep 8, 2022
I own a Copystar 6501i. We bought (not Lesse) this unit and are under a click agreement for service and supplies. This unit is the same as the Kyocera TASKalfa 6501i. The unit has one Ethernet card installed.

I also own a Fiery Rip E-8100 that i bought at auction. It runs system software 1.1. I believe this was hooked up to a Ricoh 550, before it was auctioned off.

I have the RIP hooked up to the ethernet and can see the unit and play with the setting through command workstation.

If I hook the Copystar up to the Ethernet, I can also see and print to this machine.

I attempted to:

Remove the Copystar from the Ethernet.
Run a cat 5e cable from the Copystar NIC card to the copier input NIC on the RIP.

The RIP doesn't see the Copystar.

Do I need to change a setting on the Copystar to work with a RIP. Is this setup even possible?

We have been using Fiery for years for our other machines. The workers and myself are used to the RIP. We tried to use the Copystar as a printer and it drove us crazy. There isn't the same level of job control as there is with a Fiery RIP.

Is this setup even possible? If so, what am I missing?

My thoughts are, I either need a second NIC card for the RIP (doubtful) or there is a setting or program that needs to be loaded into the Copystar to "broadcast" the printer to the RIP.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated!