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  • Does job posting date matter?.

    As a job seeker, do you ever look at the date a position is posted?

    If not, you should.

    Time to fill is a KPI (Key performance indicator) for recruiters and organizations that essentially measures the number of days between the publication of a job and getting an offer accepted.


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Sep 7, 2022
For you kind attention

1.If the posts for jobs or vacancies posted in this groups is specified with a number or email to which the resumes /CV to be shared, kindly sent to that specified same number/mail for the vacancy.

2.Also, please don't sent any money or other favours to someone asking so for getting the jobs posted in this group.{ There will be some forwarded vacancies also ,so it's practically impossible to check the genuinely of such vacancies, so don't give fraudsters a chance to fool you )

3.This group/ group admins doesn't demand any financial favours for the Jobs posted or if someone gets a job through these vacancies.
Only this is a platform for people from Printing background to favour each other without expecting any other benefits.