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Sep 7, 2022

*Falconpack UAE* is seeking an experienced Online Sales Executive to join our team!

Job Responsibilities:

Handling sales and promotional activities of e-commerce portal.
Act as a point of contact between the company and potential markets/prospects via e-commerce.
Manage large amounts of inbound and outbound calls in a timely manner.
Providing customers with the organization’s service and product information.
Building brand awareness during the interaction with the customers.
Upsell products and services to generate more revenue.
Professionally responding to customer’s inquiries via online and telecom.
Following up on customer calls when required.
Effectively handling and resolving customer complaints regarding product sales to customer service problems.
Identify customers’ needs, clarify information, research every issue, and provide solutions or escalating issues and reporting to the high-level management.
Document all call information according to standard operating procedures.
Effectively executing customer sales covering appropriate leads generation, inquiries handling, and pre-sales activities;
Executing the sales closing and accurate sales outcome data recording for later analysis;
Effectively managing sales collection and on-time submission
Maintaining high accuracy and organization of customer data in the CRM;
Introducing new products into the market, either for initial market assessment purposes or as regular product sales;

Must have at least 2 years experience in Online Sales
With knowledge of e-commerce portal
Good Communication Skills
Experience in FMCG Industries will be an advantage.

Yearly Ticket
Medical & Life Insurance